The Eames House

Over the last decade we have collected vintage furniture.  What started as finding interest in the sharp look of modern-day replicas evolved into a treasure hunt for the real thing.  

Through that journey we became quite the admirerers (and collectors) of Ray & Charles Eames.  Spanning across categories like furniture, decor, books, stamps, and even shoes (thanks Reebok) our collection is beginning to pile up.  

While we are proud of our collection we knew a visit to The Eames House was the ultimate experience; The ultimate collector's item worth far more than any piece of furniture.  

The Eames House, built in 1949 is not only Case Study House No. 8, it is one of the most significant examples of architecture to come out of the mid-century.  It overlooks the ocean in The Pacific Palisaides; A view from the meadow you won't forget.

No wonder Ray put her swing so close!

We brought our one-year old on the tour with us.  Surely she enjoyed the iconic elephant.   

Looking back at the house from the meadow...

Several pieces of furniture in The Eames House were actually used by Ray and Charles.  Pretty cool to glance in and see pieces we have become so familiar with (and collected) over the last decade.   

Ray and Charles' studio space is now used by the Eames Foundation for their work to preserve, protect, and maintain the property.  Recently they set forth a 250 year plan to make sure the home you visit today is the same home centuries from now.  The office's digs aren't so bad either.  

Our tour guide Jenny was delightful.  We enjoyed her instruction and the conversation we had after the tour.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Eames Demetrios.  We added his new book to our collection and snuck in a signature from the dude himself;  A very cool experience to say the least.  

After the tour we were able to walk about the grounds and shoot some more photos.  We tried capturing shots and angles we hadn't seen before.  Not too difficult with such a magical setting.

It wouldn't be a trip for us without appreciating the plant life.  The Eames Foundation maintains the same grouping and aesthetic of plants that have been here for years. Whether it be in the ground or potted; The greenery inside and surrounding the property was inspiring.  

Visiting The Eames House was a top life experience for us.  We could not be prouder to bring our one-year old kid to see it as well.  She will look back at photos one day and hopefully appreciate the experience herself.  Meanwhile, The Eames House will remain exactly how it was this day we visited; A true time capsule.

Thank you Jenny, Eames, and the Eames Foundation for an awesome ride.  Until next time!

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