Lucas Valley Eichler Stay

We recently took a short trip to San Rafael and stayed in an Eichler Home in Upper Lucas Valley.  It was quite a privilege to call an Eichler our home for two nights and three days.  We stayed in a 1963 Courtyard model which connected the inside - outside like not many other houses can do.  

The front elevation and landscape were top notch to say the least.  

Things got even better after entering through the front door and into the courtyard.  

Clean, straight lines anyone?

The courtyard wrapped all the way around the house.  The "back yard" was also pretty snazzy.  

The inside of the home, although fairly altered and extremely sterile was still a joy to stay in.  It was our first experience with radiant heated floors.  Not to mention the owners of the place had solid taste in furniture.   

If you're staying in an Eichler you're most likely staying in an Eichler Tract.  For us that was the Upper Lucas Valley Tract built from 1962-1966.  This project represented the last Eichler tract built by Eichler Homes in San Rafael, California.  In total Lucas Valley hosts 450 Eichler Homes.  They were designed by famed architects, Claude Oakland and Jones & Emmons.  With our infant kid we walked the tract twice a day and covered most the streets along and off of Idylberry Road.

The view of the hills beyond the tract is a key reason these homes sell for up to $2 million dollars.  

Original curb art always grabs our attention.

All in all we had an incredible time in Lucas Valley.  Shout out to Big Rock Deli and Cafe for not only having Pliny on tap but barbecuing some amazing ribs.  Our 8 month old kid genuinely enjoyed teething on our finished bones.  Until next time San Rafael!

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